Jake and Tattoos [Pic]

I just got back from the Jake Shimabukuro concert in SF, holy crap was it awesome! I don’t normally go to concerts, but Jake isn’t your ordinary artist. For those who don’t know about him, or have not read my blog, google/youtube him. He’s a great ukulele artist who has taken a little known instrument and made it fairly popular. You may have heard his rendidion of “While My Guitar Gently Weeps.” Many people call the ukulele a tiny guitar, please, it’s an UKE! Some of the song he played I have heard, other are on CDs I haven’t bought yet, some are on his upcoming “miniCD”.

So, I finally went and done it. I got my first tattoo. I’ve been wanting this thing for like forever. Well, I’ve wanted a dragon longer, but I wanted to start small. So, here it is:

So that’s my first one, onto the next. Now what to do…

Summer Hockey Finals

Ok, so we won the first round of the playoffs in a fast action overtime period 3 – 2 against the 3rd seeded team. However, we lost last night to the second place team ending our season. So, I guess overall we did rather well; especially considering we were the last place team for the first half of the season.

After a rocky first half, I played a rather well season; maybe even my best season at Logitech. Or at least best half a season. I managed to finish the season as top point scorer with 10 goals and 6 assists, and 9th overall in the league. Not too shabby. Just don

Hockey Sunday – Hot Afternoon

Ugh it was so HOT today, not really fun playing hockey on a hot day. Why, you ask? Wouldn’t it be great to get out of the sun into gold ice skating rink? Sure, that’s great, playing hockey is great. However, once I’m done with hockey and am really sweaty, going into the hot sun is NOT fun.

Anyway, posts here are scarce, so I’ll just pat myself on the back once in a while for a well played game. Today, like I said was a HOT afternoon, 2:30PM game. We’ll long story short, I played very well today. Got my first hat trick of the season.

The first goal was a decent wrister far-side blocker. The second one I was standing with my back to the goalie and kind of backhanded it between my legs and into the net. The third, I can’t really recall. However, I had lots of help all around me, I didn’t do al the work. It was a great team effort by all. Not only did I get my hat trick, we won the game something like 2 – 7. This feat is probably not impressive if I tell you that we played against the team we’re tied for last place with… and with another team… Either way, a well played game by all!

Irony of Kung Fu and Guns [Vid]

So last night me and two buds from kung fu from way back in the day, Chris and Kyle, are hanging out at Kyle current place of employment, Hydration, (a boba tea house sort of place) you know just chilling out there trying to figure out what to do with the rest of the night. Chris is never in town since he’s pre-med in San Diego so we had to make the most of it. I’m not sure how we decided it, but for some reason we drove to Minnis Circle in Milpitas and went to the shooting range, Target Masters, they have over there. Now, does anyone else see the irony of 3 ex-kung fu students walking into a shooting range. Just a small tidbit of knowledge for you to rack your brain over.

The first gun we shot was the Heckler-Koch USP 9mm, the second was the Sig-Sauer 232 which is the closest they had to the Walther PPK. Being only the second time there, I wasn’t expecting much, especially with a range gun. Albeit, not as good as Chris’ first grouping with the HK9 (although he WAS only 30ft out) I got a fairly good grouping at the gut. Kyle… all over the place. I think he said it was his first time, so it’s all good. We can’t all be like moO. The second round shooting with the Sig was pretty neat, it’s a tiny gun but has a recoil almost equal to the HK. My first 5 shots were awesome. 1 in the orange, the rest just outside the orange but grouped in a silver dollar, but it was at 30ft. the next 15 shots at about 45ft out. Not so good. Let

Back From Hawaii

Ok so I’m a week late. I’ve been really busy and stuff. Gotta get back in shape and lose my vacation weight. Ok, so I didn’t really eat all that much, but I only ran once while I was over there. I got a new toy while in the islands, but I’ll wait until I get a few pictures to announce it. Not that it’s a HUGE deal or anything. I did get some sun, even some rain. While in Hawaii, my Aunt and Uncle from Oahu brought the cousins over for a weekend visit. They even got to bury me in the sand. So that was my nutshell vacation. It seems the more I go to Hawaii, the more I DO NOT WANT TO COME BACK TO CALI! =(

Weekend Ride + MotoGP

Well, I finally had a nice long ride on Skyline Blvd. It’s been a while since I went up hwy9/35. I actually had a concern this week that I wouldn’t be able to go on my ride this weekend. I brought in my bike to get the fork seals done and it turns out there was a few small dents on the fork tubes. While driving back to work from the shop in San Mateo, I felt it pull to the left and when I applied the brakes it pulled HARD to the left. I was pissed the rest of the Friday. First thing when I got home was rip into the bike, I basically had to redial the front forks so it would ride straight(ER). After a few hours I managed to get it to right.

So, I finally saw Alice’s Restaurant. Me and a bud, Gordon, back from High School made it up to Four Corners but didn’t actually eat there. Probably save that for next time. This was a great weekend cause there wasn’t a lot people on the road since the AMA races were this weekend at Infineon Raceway. It was fun at one of the top of the hills all you saw was fog all around you.

So, talking with moO about if I were a motoGP racer, would she be my umbrella girl? At first she said no, but then thought about it and didn’t want another girl next to me holding the umbrella. However, she said she wouldn’t be holding the umbrella either. Instead, imagine this, I would be holding the umbrella sitting on the bike and both of us are under the umbrella, moO with a smile on her face for the cameras and me with this embarrassed frown just waiting for the race to start. Perhaps if we have some time, I