2 Year Anniversary

Yesterday was moO and my second marriage anniversary. Hard to believe it’s been two years already; and billionth year we’ve known each other.

We still haven’t gone on our honeymoon (no, we don’t count the Hawaii trips as the Honeymoon) and I keep promising it but the money just isn’t there. I’ll take her soon hopefully.  The longer I wait the more mad she becomes. So, keep buying stuff from me from Amazon so I can afford to take her! HAHAHA /ENDSHAMEFULPLUG.

Not many have seen this:

Photo Oct 17, 8 52 14 AM


My TrackR is finally here!!! Mind you it’s not the TrackR Bravo that was on Indiegogo. This is the first gen they’re giving out free if you do some tasks for them. It’s wireless, but it’s crowd sourced Bluetooth, hence the giving away free. If it’s away from any other Bluetooth devices it can’t be tracked. This isn’t like a GPS locator so I’m not sure how well this will work. However, it does have a neat feature, on the app (yes, you need a smartphone) you can locate its last known location and make it beep. Likewise, if you lose your phone you can press the button on the TrackR and it’ll make your phone beep, even if it’s on silent! Now, what to put it on…


Dinner Salads

Two very different takes on a dinner salad. I stuck with my chicken and tater tot caesar salad. MoO went with a large salmon, mushroom and onion mixed greens with a piece of boring sourdough bread. I haven’t taught her how to plate yet. A simple change I would have made was cut the toast in an angle. Then I might have called it a crostini; but, no, now it’s just bread. Although, I do admit mine isn’t perfect. I’m missing a little more red color, I probably could have sprinkled some paprika for some extra color. It already cooked with paprika so why not? Oh, yeah, I’m not a photographer, so no remarks on the picture-taking skills themselves…

2014-08-29 20.50.19

2014-08-29 20.50.29

2014-08-29 20.50.38


New Bike?

Yeah, I’m looking for a new bike. No, not a new motorcycle… not yet. I’m looking for a fixed/single-speed road bike. I found an interesting bike in my parent’s house. It was single-speed but it had a derailleur. Can’t find anything like that. Gotta find something super light, that isn’t $2-4k. Oh well. I have seen $500 carbon frames, so that’s a start; but those were from China.

This is probably what I’m looking at:

prospect bike


Workout Weekend

Had a good workout today, no rest days for me, even on the weekend; only easy and hard days. Hope all this effort is worth it!

As a reward I had a semi unique dinner. It’s a steak caesar salad with tater tot “croutons” and yellow bell pepper rings. So random.

Sorry, I was too tired and hungry to actually plate it properly like I’d normally do.


2014-08-23 22.12.22


Ugh, Farmer’s Tan

So, I’m pretty active now, outside and inside. But, I do a lot of walking outside and have a nice tan color going… However, it’s ONLY on my arms. Stupid farmer’s tan!

Hard to tell in the pic but there’s my Fitbit tanline.