Disney-fying Star Wars

Since the beginning, I have said that Disney buying Lucasarts/film was a BAD idea. Obviously, I don’t know how good/bad the new trilogy is going to be. I’ll go in not thinking the worst NOR thinking the best, but with an open mind. One thing I’ve known all along is that Disney will give everything a G/PG rating by Disneyfying everything. Sure, there wasn’t a lot of violence in Star Wars, but be ready for rainbows and sunshine…

I am a big fan of the Expanded Universe and when they threw that out the window I knew we’d have a problem. Yes, it gave Disney the artistic freedom to create their own vision, but destroying decades of source material is just ludicrous. Sure, there are some very poor expanded universe canon (Star Wars Holiday Special anyone?), but there is far more GOOD canon.


While the Slave Leia outfit is outdated and I might never buy another Star Wars toy, and less so a Slave Leia, did they really need to even announce this? It seems more like Disney wanted to troll all the Star Wars fanboys. Guess it worked. I mean, they could have just silently not put out any more Slave Leia anything. No, they chose to be vocal about it.

On a side note, as much as I hate Jar Jar Binks, this is an AWESOME read. But, I don’t think George was THAT insightful.

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