There’s a Sickness In My Head

I’m pretty sure I’ve said this before in a post. I can’t find it so I’ll repost it.

After three street races, two non-Spartan ORCs, six Spartan races I find myself completely addicted to racing, people in the races, medals, finisher shirts, and finisher bananas! Okay, maybe not that last one, I still hate bananas but realize how necessary they are. It’s so bad, I dream Spartan Race now and can’t wait until my next race. I’ll be real sad come November when my season is over and I have to wait until the end of January, at least, for my next one.

I know this might be more appropriate for my Spartan Adam web page, but felt it was more personal than athletic.

Ready For Christmas

Thanksgiving has come and gone. It’s time to get ready for Christmas. What? You’ve been ready since Halloween? Fine whatever. I just received this from my sister as an early birthday present and am ready for the Christmas spirit:


Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

To those who do not know. This is the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree. Yes, it’s supposed to look sad. So awesome.

Food Cravings

I miss foods, lots of them. Hamburgers, hot dogs, pizza, cake, ice cream, etc… I eat, yes. But I’ve had to sacrifice way too many types of food that I’d normally eat. I especially miss french fries. Again, yes, I eat them, just not at the magnitude I used to. Another thing I miss, Coke. I truly miss sugary sodas; even more so now that I’m back at EA. At least back at the old place I’d never/rarely ever hear a can open. Here at EA, there’s a soda machine so I hear a can crack way too often. I’ll just sit here quietly drinking my water from my Nalgene bottle and cry silently inside.


Dentist, Yay!

Who the heck says that? …I had a good dentist trip, today. No cavities! I bet it was partially to my dropping of all sodas from my diet.

The assistant and doctor definitely noticed my weight loss, it was all we talked about the whole time. I think I sparked a little motivation for the assistant and the new dental hygienist. I wonder where the other one went…


2 Year Anniversary

Yesterday was moO and my second marriage anniversary. Hard to believe it’s been two years already; and billionth year we’ve known each other.

We still haven’t gone on our honeymoon (no, we don’t count the Hawaii trips as the Honeymoon) and I keep promising it but the money just isn’t there. I’ll take her soon hopefully.  The longer I wait the more mad she becomes. So, keep buying stuff from me from Amazon so I can afford to take her! HAHAHA /ENDSHAMEFULPLUG.

Not many have seen this:

Photo Oct 17, 8 52 14 AM

Better Day

Yes, I’ve been missing a few posts/day. I’ve had to deal with a lot of personal issues that I’ll get to when I can resolve them. However, that said, I had a slightly better day yesterday; okay well, maybe not day but “event.”

I’m on the bike with my smoked shield closed, stopped at the left stoplight to turn into the main street to my house. I look to my right and there’s a kid maybe 5-6 in the back seat of his mother’s SUV. He looks at me and just waves. I wave back. He couldn’t see my face through the dark smoked shield, but I smiled. Sometimes a simple wave can mean a lot to a person.