New BBQ!

I put on my big boy pants this weekend.  Purchased my first BBQ! It’s about freaking time, we’ve lived in this condo, what, four years now? So, new BBQ! I’m all grown up now with my own BBQ…. But my parents had to put it on their Home Depot card so I could get 5% off. Aannd my dad had to drive his truck to pick it up with me. But I’m still all grown up and old now, I swear!

It’s not much, just a small two burner non name brand, hope it lasts at least five years. Well that’s as long as the warranty is good for. The sad part it was $50 more than the one my dad picked up the same day, his had more burners and much bigger. But I needed a small model to fit my tiny ass condo patio. So, I have to pay extra for compactness.

Yesterday, I fired it up and just made the usual burgers and polish dogs with some veg skewers. It turned out well! Next step, chicken and fish?

Bday Mom and Turkey?

Yesterday was my Mother’s birthday and for some odd reason she wanted Wienerschnitzel for dinner. Don’t ask, I can’t explain it either. I accepted on one condition, she had to hike with me all ~4.5 miles of Rancho San Antonio. So, yesterday the whole CA family went up the hills for a two hour hike. It’s ok, I did my full run the day before. I think it was a success; no one died. Next step, the 13 mile long walk!

I have no idea what possessed me, but after dinner I went home to cook a meal for the rest of the week. On Sundays, I like to cook a meal that normally takes a while to simmer in itself, normally my pasta sauce or whatever. Yesterday, I made a turkey chili. That’s right, turkey. Those that know me know I rarely deviate from my ground beef for things like chili, but trying to stay healthy, I thought why not. Overall, it’s a success. I can hardly tell it’s not ground beef because of all the spices I used. Sure I CAN tell, but it’s still a nice change. I’ll have to make the same recipe again with ground beef to see if I can tell for sure haha.

Oh… don’t worry, I didn’t eat another dinner of chili after the Wienerschnitzel. That would be crazy talk!


Dinner Salads

Two very different takes on a dinner salad. I stuck with my chicken and tater tot caesar salad. MoO went with a large salmon, mushroom and onion mixed greens with a piece of boring sourdough bread. I haven’t taught her how to plate yet. A simple change I would have made was cut the toast in an angle. Then I might have called it a crostini; but, no, now it’s just bread. Although, I do admit mine isn’t perfect. I’m missing a little more red color, I probably could have sprinkled some paprika for some extra color. It already cooked with paprika so why not? Oh, yeah, I’m not a photographer, so no remarks on the picture-taking skills themselves…

2014-08-29 20.50.19

2014-08-29 20.50.29

2014-08-29 20.50.38