It’s not a secret, there’s a drought here in California. So much so we’d welcome any type of rain here… Well most of us.

I both love and hate rain. I love jogging outside in the rain. I like rainy sunny days, especially in Hawaii where it’s still harm. Who I hate is rain when I’m riding the bike. I’m no longer carpooling, so the bike is the best transport. Plus it’s actually even better than carpooling as I get better gas mileage than most non-hybrid/electric (maybe even better than some of those traveling at speeds of 65+MPH) don’t get the same traffic cars do. Anyway, I digress… Of course, Mother Nature decides to make it rain right when I get new tires. Rain is dangerous as it is, riding a bike anywhere is dangerous as it is, put it together with stupid drivers on the road and you have a big mess.

Luckily, I managed to get to work in one piece… Today. Keep it safe, look, and signal before SLOWLY changing lanes. Remember, in California, it’s legal to lane share/split. So don’t purposely get in the way of a passing bike, you could get a ticket for that!