Support Small Businesses 

For those who know me, it’s no secret, I like to support small businesses; especially when it comes to coffee shops. Super bonus points if the shop roasts their own beans! I hate giving money to the large corporate chains. 

Not thinking about it, I frequent a close by small coffee shop a LOT and I always charge it to get points. This costs the business what seems little, but adds up as it cuts into profit. Well, today I bought a gift card for myself for, let’s just say, a large amount. So that I can just swipe every day if I wanted, and the establishment won’t get nickel and dimed every transaction. Doing my part for the small businesses. 

When I get home I realized I probably didn’t make a dent because I charged it… I should have just paid cash for the gift card… AND all other transactions before and after today. Who the hell uses cash still? Or CHECKS UGH! (But that’s another rant for another day) Oh well, I can just take it a step further next time and bring my own commuter mugs to save more money, right?

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