New Blog

Hey all. New blog here. Ok… old blog new location, new look, new backend. Yes, I know I said no new format, I lied… I decided it was time to ditch Greymatter and upgrade to the year 2014… Sort of. I mean do people actually blog anymore? Welcome WordPress to

Anyway, I can now bitch and moan without a computer, thanks to the WordPress app. Now you’re all doomed.

Support Small Businesses 

For those who know me, it’s no secret, I like to support small businesses; especially when it comes to coffee shops. Super bonus points if the shop roasts their own beans! I hate giving money to the large corporate chains. 

Not thinking about it, I frequent a close by small coffee shop a LOT and I always charge it to get points. This costs the business what seems little, but adds up as it cuts into profit. Well, today I bought a gift card for myself for, let’s just say, a large amount. So that I can just swipe every day if I wanted, and the establishment won’t get nickel and dimed every transaction. Doing my part for the small businesses. 

When I get home I realized I probably didn’t make a dent because I charged it… I should have just paid cash for the gift card… AND all other transactions before and after today. Who the hell uses cash still? Or CHECKS UGH! (But that’s another rant for another day) Oh well, I can just take it a step further next time and bring my own commuter mugs to save more money, right?

Disney-fying Star Wars

Since the beginning, I have said that Disney buying Lucasarts/film was a BAD idea. Obviously, I don’t know how good/bad the new trilogy is going to be. I’ll go in not thinking the worst NOR thinking the best, but with an open mind. One thing I’ve known all along is that Disney will give everything a G/PG rating by Disneyfying everything. Sure, there wasn’t a lot of violence in Star Wars, but be ready for rainbows and sunshine…

I am a big fan of the Expanded Universe and when they threw that out the window I knew we’d have a problem. Yes, it gave Disney the artistic freedom to create their own vision, but destroying decades of source material is just ludicrous. Sure, there are some very poor expanded universe canon (Star Wars Holiday Special anyone?), but there is far more GOOD canon.

While the Slave Leia outfit is outdated and I might never buy another Star Wars toy, and less so a Slave Leia, did they really need to even announce this? It seems more like Disney wanted to troll all the Star Wars fanboys. Guess it worked. I mean, they could have just silently not put out any more Slave Leia anything. No, they chose to be vocal about it.

On a side note, as much as I hate Jar Jar Binks, this is an AWESOME read. But, I don’t think George was THAT insightful.

Back to the Future Day! 10/21/15

BTTF day just came and went and one of the things I saw that people were complaining about is that cars aren’t fueled by garbage… Correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t the Deloreon powered by traditional gasoline and the Flux Capacitor was fueled by the Mr. Fusion (garbage)? So the complaints are incorrect. Yes, we get it, we still don’t have flying cars; and I don’t see the human race in my life time to ever have them. I don’t trust people in the road let alone flying.

There’s a Sickness In My Head

I’m pretty sure I’ve said this before in a post. I can’t find it so I’ll repost it.

After three street races, two non-Spartan ORCs, six Spartan races I find myself completely addicted to racing, people in the races, medals, finisher shirts, and finisher bananas! Okay, maybe not that last one, I still hate bananas but realize how necessary they are. It’s so bad, I dream Spartan Race now and can’t wait until my next race. I’ll be real sad come November when my season is over and I have to wait until the end of January, at least, for my next one.

I know this might be more appropriate for my Spartan Adam web page, but felt it was more personal than athletic.

New BBQ!

I put on my big boy pants this weekend.  Purchased my first BBQ! It’s about freaking time, we’ve lived in this condo, what, four years now? So, new BBQ! I’m all grown up now with my own BBQ…. But my parents had to put it on their Home Depot card so I could get 5% off. Aannd my dad had to drive his truck to pick it up with me. But I’m still all grown up and old now, I swear!

It’s not much, just a small two burner non name brand, hope it lasts at least five years. Well that’s as long as the warranty is good for. The sad part it was $50 more than the one my dad picked up the same day, his had more burners and much bigger. But I needed a small model to fit my tiny ass condo patio. So, I have to pay extra for compactness.

Yesterday, I fired it up and just made the usual burgers and polish dogs with some veg skewers. It turned out well! Next step, chicken and fish?


Notable thing heard in an interview… “I see you have a background in martial arts… We have other MMA trainees, ex-Marines; if you come on board no one will f*ck with us.” Hilarious!


Holy crap, we had thunder, lightning, and rain in summer…  Where am I, the South?! No, still “Sunny California.” The lightning was so loud and was a 3-4 count, 5 at very most. Crazy.