Job Change

So, I’ve been absent from here for a few days. I’ve changed jobs so I have to spend a lot of time doing real work now and get settled in. I’m actually back at EA, but I can’t disclose what I’m working on, nor who I’m working with. It’s great to be back here at EA, even if it’s a total different team than where I was before. My sister-in-law compares me going back to EA like dating an ex-girlfriend. I don’t feel the same way. I mean if it did, it would be like if your ex-girlfriend got a boob job and a better attitude, and you started dating again; which is a better comparison…

Anyway, while I won’t miss the previous company (except a few people), I will miss my walks on the marshes; or walks in general. Working there I had plenty of time for exercise before, during and after work. I didn’t have an open schedule, but I came and left when I wanted. I wasn’t supposed to, but I did anywhere. There’s a stricter schedule here, but I’ll make do. I’m sure there is much overtime to be done, so that’s going to affect my workout schedule, but I’ll try to manage it. Let’s see how I’m doing a year from now. Because that’s the most this contract will be. Yeah, I took a contract job, I’ll manage.


[Destiny] Luck or Skill

No, I would definitely say “LUCK.” But still a good video of how lucky I really am.  Here’s a taste of Bungie/Activision’s Destiny during a MP firefight on the XB1.

As an attempt to diversify my blog, in addition to my random ramblings and bitching, I’ll upload videos if me sucking at video games. I haven’t had much time to sit down and play any video games. With working an hour away each way added to my crazy workout schedule, I don’t play a lot. I try to sneak some games at work during lunch, but for some dumb reason it’s frowned upon cause they can’t figure out when I’m taking my lunch. I think I need a less hostile workplace…

Evolve Alpha

I’m pretty stoked about this one. I hope it plays as good as it looked in the E3 demo videos and those that came after.

Too bad like most early alphas/betas I’ll be held to an NDA. So, I’ll be holding all my reviews until it’s okay to post.

Uh oh, maybe I’ve already said too much!

No idea what Evolve is? That’s okay, check it out in extended:
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