Volunteering For Spartan.

Today I drove into San Francisco (what?!) to AT&T Park to volunteer some hours and help stuff race packets. Was only a couple hours, why not? I get a free race and a neeto volunteer tshirt. But look what I found while working!


I can’t wait for Saturday!

Odd Cat

Our daughter, a stray rescued from moO’s parents’ property, has an odd palette. Cats typically hate citrus smells and flavors. However, this one likes to eat oranges and, apparently, strawberries. Of course she loves cheese, milk, fish. But, sourdough toast? Yes. Hawaiian rolls? Yes.


2014 Year End Review

Yes, I’ve been slacking. I’ve had this draft for weeks and keep coming to it. I started thinking of what I was going to write last month but just never got around to it because of the holidays and work.

WORK, so busy, long hours like usual. A sad thing I overheard someone saying in the pit the other day about his daughter, “‘What is daddy’s favorite thing?’ ‘Working! He’s always there.'” Really sad, he had to explain how it wasn’t his favorite thing, I forget how he explained but assured her that she was his favorite thing.


I meant to write a long passage about the past year but I lost my copy. For some reason it wasn’t backed up.

I’ll sum it up with the fact I hat a really good year. I managed to get a new/old job, lost ~50 pounds, tan my first official 5k, and even ran 7+ miles for FUN. Ok so the last three were related, but significant milestones for me. I would have never thought I would enjoy running and run more than a mile or so. I’m even training for half marathons and SPARTAN races! Well, between random injuries.

Here’s to a great 2015!

Day 1 Hawaii

I’m here again. Right when we landed we hit up Marukame for some udon. I always prefer ramen over udon, but this place has the best udon so I make an exception.

We already did a crap load of walking, eating, and I managed to fit in a run and a workout. I’m not sure what the rest of the week has in store for us but I’m sure it’ll be an adventure.